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The Direction For The Marijuana Industry As Acceptance Continues

Marijuana has quickly turned into a household name in the US and Canada over the past few years as it gains more acceptance especially for medical purposes. The current situation has presented a lot of speculation about the future of the drug.

Exemplifying the growing acknowledgment of cannabis as a reputable industry and investment opportunity, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) today inked its first partnership with a software company that supports the cannabis industry. Microsoft is collaborating with Los Angeles startup Kind Financial, a firm that provides kiosks for legal cannabis business for cash management and sells Agrisoft Seed to Sale software allowing growers to track cannabis plants from planting to the sales register. With the pact, Kind’s products will be offered to Microsoft customers using the software giant’s Azure government cloud product.

Numerous U.S. states have considered changing the marijuana status for the sake of patients who benefit from its medical properties and also to enhance leniency due to the high number of people with criminal records due to marijuana possession. Canada’s Liberal government is currently working on a legislation to legalize marijuana in 2017 and a few states in the US have secured ballots to be held before the end of the year. Current research data on the measures to legalize the drug whether for medical or recreational use, or both, suggests that there is a lot of benefit to be derived.

Reports indicate that the marijuana industry will keep growing over the next few years, meaning there are huge opportunities for marijuana businesses as more states redefine legislation.

There has been a cloud of speculation over the health impacts of consuming marijuana, with arguments on both sides of the aisle, including recently released research suggesting that marijuana does not pose any danger to health in adults who consume marijuana over the long term. The research only offers that long-term users are more likely to suffer from gum disease. However, this is because smoking anything generally causes the gum to swell and increases chances of periodontal diseases.

The research was carried out for the past 20 years. The findings therefore dispel any fears that marijuana has significant health impacts thus presenting an argument that can be used by marijuana advocates. Marijuana legislation at state level has received ample audience, but the Federal government has remained adamant about its stance on the marijuana status. Marijuana is still categorized as a Schedule 1 drug, which limits its use especially for medical relief and research. Marijuana supporters are still trying to convince the federal regulators to get on board because changing the status would be advantageous for the entire industry.

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